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[Review] Rodic's Diner, Rolex Place Fairview

Rodic's dining space

I was pleasantly surprised that there's a new Rodic's Diner here at Fairview (opened sometime last November). I enjoy eating at Rodic's Diner but probably more due to the nostalgia factor than anything else. It is just one of those places that became part of my student life at UP Diliman. Instead of the small stall space and cramped dining area I was used to at the UP Shopping Center, this branch located at the second floor of Rolex Place in Fairview, Quezon City, has a spacious dining area with counter style sitting along the glass floor to ceiling walls which overlooks into the streets below. The decor and bright lighting gives off a cheerful vibe. To add to that aforementioned nostalgic feel for former UP Diliman students, cartoon posters of the old UP Campus inspired by the work of the famous cartoonist Larry Alcala are prominently displayed as part of the decor (he did create a cartoon spread depicting the old UP Campus in his Slice of Life comics back in the day which featured a small booth named Rodic's. The posters shown in the various Rodic's branches have a more prominent version of the diner among other added details).

Rodic's bestseller: the tapsilog

The usual "silog" specialties remains the main menu items with the tapsilog being their best seller. I have to admit that I initially thought that their tapa looked weird the first time I ate it all those years ago. I was used to marinated and fried thin slices of beef and not the shredded beef that they served. I am not sure if the tapa in other regions in the Philippines is served like that but I am speculating that it is a way for them to quickly cook and tenderize cheaper/tougher cuts of beef. I am not saying that the tapa didn't taste good, because I liked it. It was just not quite what I was expecting that first time I ordered it.

They also offer turo-turo style dishes such as kaldereta, dinuguan and sinigang

Other dishes on the menu

I was not able to determine if there's an associated increase in price with this "upgraded ambiance", but I do think that the price point is still suited for students of FEU and nearby schools. I could also say with certainty that the quality of the food is fairly consistent.

The bottom line: Cheap and satisfying food on a student's budget and a bright and cheerful ambiance.  


Anonymous said...

One of the cashier is not friendly
I would not recomend it..

JEP said...

Too bad your experience wasn't great. Personally, I don't have many expectations about the food or the service. I suppose the nostalgia factor makes me conveniently overlook a lot of their faults. After all, it is a student type of eatery meant for a student's budget.