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Feast for Christmas

Christmas in the Philippines is usually celebrated with a feast on Christmas eve (24th December) which also coincides with my birthday. Since we weren't really expecting guests, my mom and I decided to prepare just a few dishes. We decided on a menu of pansit molo (you can grab the recipe here), chicken potato and beet salad, fried morcon, pineapple ham pieces (the retaso ham of Excellente Ham is actually quite good - this roughly translates to ham trimmings) and fruit salad for dessert. 

Pansit Molo: A classic ilonggo dish made up of pork dunmplings in clear broth

Chiocken Potato and Beet Salad

Fruit Salad is just a mix of cut up assorted fruits with kaong and nata de coco in sweet condensed milk and cream

Ham trimmings from Excellente Ham is a family favorite for Christmas

Sliced and pan fried morcon

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