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[Review] Buddy's Pancit Lucban, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

A whole bilao of pancit Lucban for sharing
The first time I ate at Buddy's Pancit Lucban was when a friend treated me for dinner a few years back. It was also my first taste of the famous pancit Lucban (also called pancit habhab) originating from Lucban, Quezon province in the Philippines. I was initially skeptical about drenching this noodle dish in vinegar as is the recommended way of eating this dish but after taking a bite I was instantly a fan. I liked this dish so much that I have been coming back a lot of times since and even taking it out to share on special occasions. Whenever I am in the proximity of one of their branches, going to Buddy's is certainly one of my options to consider for having Filipino food. I have visited 2 of their branches, one in Ortigas and the other one in Makati and the quality of the food is consistently good. The interior of the restaurant is reminiscent of what a Pahiyas Festival in Quezon province would look like with the colorful kiping (colorful edible leaf shaped decors made from rice flour) and other festive ornaments.

A single serving of their pancit Lucban
They cater for bulk orders (placed in a bilao or a type of woven basket platter) that is good for 5 or more people. They also offer more than their most popular pancit Lucban in their menu and I for one really like their dinuguan (pig blood stew) and their Lucban longganisa (a Filipino sausage quite similar to chorizo that has a lot of variations depending on the region).

Make sure to try adding these condiments to enhance the experience (sweet and spiced vinegar)
The Lucban longganisa is a favorite breakfast item in their menu (served with egg, achara, and garlic fried rice)

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