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BBQ beer beef short ribs

Slow cooked BBQ beef short ribs. Felt inspired to cook something nice yesterday and this is what I came up with. I haven't really cooked like this in a long time since I came back and it is good to once again explore and experiment. It turned out tender and tasted great. A lot of unusual ingredients on this one.  Fig vinegar,  lots of Spanish Paprika, oregano, salty soy sauce, light beer, Coconut sap sugar to lend a subtle sweetness,  Shichi-mi tōgarashi for that hint of spice, and a dollop of a commercial BBQ sauce just to get that slight smoky hickory flavor. Served with buttered French beans on a bed of faux couscous made from Cauliflower lightly seasoned with smoked salt. #homecookedmeals #dinner #bbqshortribs #cookingexperiments

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