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Fruits for the New Year

Fruits for the New Year

It is a family tradition of our to always have 12 fruits on the table when welcoming the New Year and this year is no exception. With my parents visiting we went out and explored what fruits are available here in Malaysia favoring those that are not too common back in the Philippines. So what did we have in our list of fruits for the new year?

Seedless Grapes

  1. Rambutan 
  2. Langka 
  3. Kiwi 
  4. Grapes 
  5. Mangosteen 
  6. Apples 
  7. Pear 
  8. Grapefruit 
  9. Navel Oranges 
  10. Durian 
  11. Lanzones 
  12. Dragon Fruit  


plus Pomegranates since I actually thought they were Persimmons (haven't seen one before) and I was curious what it tasted like. My parents have gone back home and now I still have all these fruits in my refrigerator. Durian-Kiwi shake anyone? :-/

Oh and I don't know if I would ever get rid of the smell of Durian in the refrigerator.

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