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[Review] Rapsa! Restaurant in Barangay Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines *Updated: August 2019*

*Update [01 August 2019]: Unfortunately the branch seems to have closed down the last time I was in the area.

I do not often review eating places unless I have visited at least 3 times and tasted a significant number of different menu items but I think I will make an exception with this one. The Rapsa! restaurant in the corner of Dahlia and Rolex streets in Barangay Fairview, in Quezon City, opened not too long ago and I have always wanted to try it out ever since they put out their tarpaulin streamers depicting their specials and the bold declaration of unli[mited]-rice to satisfy any rice-loving individual.

Let me start by saying that their sisig dish is one of the best I have ever tasted. Sure I can talk about the other menu items we have ordered but it won't be on the same level as the sisig in their menu. They could probably change the name of the restaurant to Rapsa! Sisig and I think that would be appropriate. Yes, the sisig was that delicious. Served in a sizzling metal plate with a freshly cracked egg on top (you are supposed to mix it in folks - don't get me started with clueless reaction type vloggers in YouTube watching other people eat and wondering "why is sisig oftentimes served that way and is that raw egg on top? Is that even safe to eat?") and a calamansi or two to squeeze all over the dish. The slightly crunchy texture of the burnt bits, the level of seasoning, the presentation was just right. Aside from sisig, they also serve various Filipino food classics such as lechon kawali, crispy pata, and an assortment of all-day breakfast "silog" items (viand + fried rice and fried egg).

Rapsa! pork sisig served in a sizzling cast iron plate

The location of the restaurant is good and the affordable price-point is probably more catered to the nearby school and hospital. The interior feels very cramped with a very low ceiling (a prominent sign warns you to please watch your head when entering), and limited seating capacity. There are tables and counters on the walls made from what seems like repurposed packing crates which give it a certain eco-friendly vibe. The staff is very friendly and pleasant. The food arrived at our table in a reasonable amount of time.

Rapsa restaurant: A sign in the front boldly declaring that they serve unlimited rice

Oh, and by the way, the unlimited rice is just an option. A big heap of plain steamed rice is 20 PhP with an option to add 5 PhP to make it unlimited refills. They also have a garlic-rice option.

Rapsa! lechon kawali

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