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[Review] Bulalo Fiesta Valiant, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

A few months back as I was crossing the street, I was pleasantly surprised to see an "opening soon" sign for one of my favorite all-day casual dining Filipino restaurants right across the street. I have previously reviewed Bulalo Fiesta in Mindanao Avenue and I have been going back repeatedly for their yummy food, value for money, and all-day dining convenience (they are open 24 hours). A few days ago, I was finally able to visit their new location and it did not disappoint. I have been lamenting the lack of decent Filipino cuisine restaurants in the area (Toni's Grill at Pearl Drive already closed down a few months ago which is so sad since I would go there whenever I'm craving for guinataang kohol), so this latest development is very welcome.

Bulalo Fiesta - Valiant, Commonwealth Avenue
The new location is right along Commonwealth Avenue just across the street from Pearl Drive in Barangay Fairview. It has a clean and well-lit interior with big posters on the walls that feature menu item favorites and specials. Entering the dining area, you are greeted by the ever-present big glass vat of sinamak (a type of spiced vinegar made from coconut sap vinegar and siling labuyo, ginger, and other spices originating in the Visayas group of islands in the Philippines) which is almost like a signature look for all the branches I have visited. Near the counter are shelves displaying snack items and delicacies for sale such as different flavors of piaya (a flat sweet bread typically sweetened with muscovado sugar very popular in Negros Occidental) and a refrigerated glass case that showcased several desserts on offer (ube halaya, buko pandan, and leche flan).

Sinamak spiced vinegar
Ordering one of several varieties of bulalo is a must of course (I always go for the sinigang na bulalo sa batwan at libas - not your traditional bulalo as you would find it in places like Cavite and Batangas but is closer to the flavor profiles of the Ilonggo dish kansi), but they offer so much more than that on their menu. I have opted for their fried daing na boneless bangus, and green mangoes with bagoong as an appetizer.

Bulalo sa Batwan at Libas

Green Mango with bagoong

Fried daing na boneless bangus

Chilled fresh coconut

Ube halaya dessert

Given their close proximity to where I live, I am looking forward to trying the rest of their menu in the days to come. I would highly suggest checking this restaurant out. Support local business!

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